Lao menu

◊ A short extract to whet your appetite...

Kai phen- Dried river weed from Luang Prabang
Jaew bong - A condiment made of dried chillis and buffalo skin
Tom hom prak I leud - Beef consommé with betel leaves


Si kry - Lemon grass stuffed with pork
Laaps kai - Chicken tartare cooked with fines herbes and salad

Ping sine krouaille nam tok - Buffalo marinaded and grilled with garlic
Praneng kai - Chicken, pork and buffalo skin cooked in coconut milk

Kranab pa - River fish stuffed with pork and herbs and grilled in a banana leaf
Mok pa for - Mashed fish and coconut steamed in a banana leaf

Kroua prak lot meet - Sauted vegetables with Luang Prabang mushrooms

- from 3€ to 7,5€ -