A restaurant that meets
international standards

◊ The latest equipment
A cold storage room, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, mixers, a laminator, a vacuum sealing machine. These are just some of the equipment that allows us to work efficiently and to make large quantities if needed. We also have mobile kitchen equipment, which means we can serve meals outside the restaurant.

◊ Staff training
our staff is trained by our management and by the tourism and hospitality school LANITH in Luang Prabang.

◊ Hygiene and Cleanliness
Obviously, we are particularly careful about hygiene and cleanliness. We have a powerful generator to cope with the power outages that occasionally occur. We are thus able to maintain consistent low temperatures. Our water is purified and salads are washed with appropriate products. In our gardens, the vegetables are watered from our own well during the dry season.
La chaînedu froid est scrupuleusement respectée au restaurant l'Elephant
DEs panières à linge sale pour les différents linges