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The Tasting Menu - Lao Flavours
160 000 Kip

Tom Hom Prak I Leud
Betel Leave Soup with Diced of Beef

Oua Si Kry
Steamed Pork Stuffed Lemongrass Stalk

Laaps Kai
Chicken Salad with Fresh Herbs and Roasted Rice Powder

Mok Paa
Fish and Kaffir Leave Steamed in a Banana Leave Papillotte

Ping Moo Saille Si Kry
Lemon Grass Marinated Grilled Pork Fillet

Kai Phen
Luang Prabang Weeds with Sesame Seeds

Kroua Prak lot meet
Sauteed of Vegetables and Luang Prabang Mushrooms

Khao Chao leu Khao Niao
Steamed or Sticky Rice

Salade Mac Maille Nam Kalem Kring
Fruit Salad and Ginger Ice Cream